UFO Whistleblowers Drop Bold Testimony About Alien Tech

The House Oversight Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs will hear testimony from three witnesses on Wednesday morning. It is expected that David Grusch, a 14-year Air Force veteran and current intelligence officer at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Ryan “FOBS” Graves, a former Navy F-18 pilot who served for more than a decade, and David Fravor, a retired Navy commander and former commanding officer of Strike Fighter Squadron 41, the world-famous Black Aces, will testify about how the government conceals its knowledge of UAPs, even from lawmakers.

Graves will likely tell the committee that sophisticated UAP threatens national security and aviation safety and calls for an urgent, coordinated response. There is a severe and pervasive threat to national security posed by the stigma surrounding UAP. 

He adds that recent government assertions casting doubt on the integrity of eyewitness evidence merely fuel the fire by silencing commercial pilots who fear professional sanctions for speaking out about UAP concerns.

Excessive classification tactics mean that the government is concealing important information concerning UAP, and the mysterious nature surrounding UAP is disturbing. All UAP videos are now secret or higher as of 2021. This amount of opacity prevents us from learning the truth and encourages rumors and distrust.

Graves says UAPs are present in our skies but are incredibly underreported. These occurrences are not peculiar; instead, they are commonplace. Trained observers whose lives rely on proper identification, such as military aircraft and commercial airline crews, are increasingly seeing these events.

In contrast, Fravor takes a more activist stance in his opening address, calling for more scrutiny from elected officials and a fully functional system of checks and balances for all government activities funded by the public. 

Fravor often discusses the infamous “Tic Tac Object” incident involving the U.S. Navy in November 2004. A tic tac-shaped object, clearly defined, was detected 60 miles away in less than a minute. Fravor said these incidences demand accountability from the leaders whom the people of this great nation have chosen to serve their interests and do what is best for the United States.