Lara Trump DEMANDS Debates SOONER! – She won’t back down.

Former television producer and daughter-in-law of Former President Donald Trump revealed her thoughts on the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election stating that she believes debates between current President Biden and her father-in-law, who are both the presumptive running candidates for both political parties, which should begin much sooner than later.

Lara Trump, who is the co-chair of the Republican National Committee, sat down for a Newsmax media interview this Tuesday to weigh in on the topic. Lara Trump spoke to Carl Higbie, on his Newsmax segment Carl Higbie FRONTLINE, to explain that Republicans are now betting on Biden’s campaign vows before his political cabinet ultimately tries to fall back on their words. Trump stated that she was very pleased to hear that President Biden has agreed to once again debate Donald Trump, demanding that she now wants the debates sooner than expected. Lara Trump elaborated to her interviewer that one can feel the pressures from the Biden campaign regarding Donald Trump and his devotion to running again for office. Trump further explained to Higbie that at this point, Biden can hardly comprehend teleprompter directions, let alone follow through with another presidential debate and that the public needs to witness it in that scenario.

Lara Trump’s opinions stem from a recent interview between talk show host Howard Stern and President Biden where Biden claimed he was “happy” to debate Trump again, which would be their first since the 2020 Presidential Election. These comments from Biden fueled Trump’s eagerness to see the two battle it out once again for the 47th Presidency.

Trump continued in her interview by stating that not only are more debates needed, but the voting public needs them sooner. Her reasoning for this is that by the time of the first debate, millions of votes will already have been cast.

The first Presidential debate is scheduled for September 16th, however, the RNC is strongly pushing for a sooner date.