Ex-Dem TURNS On Biden – Her DIRE Prediction!

Former Democratic Candidate and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who has since left the Democratic party and declared herself a political independent who is sympathetic to Donald Trump. On a Joe Rogan Experience performance to promote “For Love Of Country,” a book about her issues with the Democratic party, she voiced her misgivings about the prospect of a second Biden/Harris administration.

In her view, Americans face a substantial erosion of its basic freedoms if the current President manages to secure re-election. In her view, he “cannot be allowed” to stay in power. The White House, she says, has wantonly engaged in unprecedented abuses of their power. On Biden’s watch, the Democrats have politicized governmental agencies, targeted political opponents and ordinary Americans who disagree with the current administration’s policies, and undermined the rule of law.

Under the direction of the Biden White house, she points out, the FBI and other agencies have targeted school boards for harassment and investigation for the political crime of not endorsing progressive ideology in school libraries and curricula. She believes that if Biden is re-elected, the White House will be emboldened and there may be no stopping the normalization of the systemic abuses of power. They will  she said, nterpret re-election as a mandate to ramp up the abuses.

Gabbard believes that people are angry and upset with the conduct and policies of the administration, but worries that the election may not reflect that.

This line of rhetoric represents a significant change of heart for the former Hawaiian congresswoman, who backed Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Presidential election and endorsed Joe Biden against Donald Trump in 2020. She has recently become visible in Republican circles, speaking at CPAC (The Conservative Political Action Conference) and being floated as a potential running mate for Donald Trump this year. The public change came following her October 2022 announcement that she was leaving the Democratic party because, she said, it had fallen under the control of elitist “warmongers” and “cowardly” ideologies such as wokeness.