13 Democrats Vote for Resolution Criticizing Biden’s Open Border Policies

By a vote of 223 to 191, the US House of Representatives has approved a resolution criticizing the open-border policies of the Biden administration and calling on it to reverse these policies and put an end to the border crisis that his administration has caused.

The resolution was approved with the support of thirteen Democrats and 210 Republicans, while it was opposed by 191 Democrats.

The resolution states that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and President Joe Biden brought about the nation’s worst border security crisis. It also asserts that President Biden began systematically dismantling effective measures for border security and interior immigration enforcement on the first day of his administration.

Earlier this year, not a single Democrat cast a vote in support of impeaching Secretary Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security. The House result was 214-213.

Most Republicans voted in favor of impeachment. Republican Representatives Ken Buck (CO), Tom McClintock (CA), and Mike Gallagher (WI) voted against impeachment once again, the same as the week before when the resolution was killed in the House.

Later on, senators from the Democrat party and the Independent party put a halt to the impeachment attempt.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer challenged each of the articles of impeachment, saying that they were invalid because they failed to establish conduct that constituted a high felony or misdemeanor. All Democrats and independents voted to reject the articles as unconstitutional.

In addition to condemning the public safety problem produced by the Biden administration’s open-borders policy, the text of H.Res.1112 states that the House acknowledges that the Biden administration implemented executive measures that generated the present border crisis.

The 13 Democrats who voted in favor of passage include:

Reps. Nikki Budzinski and Eric Sorensen of Illinois.

Reps. Steven Horsford and Susie Lee of Nevada.

Reps. Yadira Caraveo of Colorado, Mary Sattler Peltola of Alaska, Angie Craig of Minnesota, Henry Cuellar of Texas, Jared Golden of Maine,  Sharice Davids of Kansas, Marie Gluesenkamp Perez of Washington, Josh Harder of California, and Donald Davis of North Carolina.