Poll Finds Trump Supporters More Enthusiastic About Voting Than Biden’s

A new poll conducted by the Economist/YouGov revealed that the level of enthusiasm among those planning to cast their votes for former ex-President Donald Trump is higher than that of those planning to vote for incumbent Joe Biden.

One of the questions posed in the study was how excited they were to vote for president in the November election.

Over half (56%) expressed some enthusiasm for voting, while 26% of those expressed they were extremely excited about it.

Of those who planned to vote for Biden, 51% indicated they were extremely/very eager about casting a ballot, with 31% of them stating they were “extremely” enthusiastic.

When asked how eager they were about voting for Trump, 63% indicated they were very enthusiastic, while 46% of them said they were “extremely” enthusiastic.

Among registered voters, 54% of Republicans and 46% of Democrats expressed high levels of enthusiasm for casting a ballot. This suggests that Republicans are more excited about voting than Democrats.

The poll showed that Trump and Biden tied with 44% each in a race that includes third-party candidates. However, in line with previous surveys, 51% of Biden’s supporters stated they were really voting against Donald Trump, while 47% stated they were mostly voting for Joe Biden.

32% of Trump voters claimed they were really voting against Joe Biden, and  67% said they were mainly voting for Donald Trump.

1,574 adult U.S. citizens were polled between April 14th and 16th, 2024.

Regardless of personal preference, more people think Trump will be elected president than Biden.

Trump has been trying to win over union members, even though these groups have voted Democrat in the past.

After a twenty-year hiatus, the Teamsters Union finally gave $45,000 to the RNC in January. The union leader met with Trump for a second time before donating.

According to a union boss in New York, voters are fleeing Democrats’ policies, and most of his 9,000 members prefer ex-president Donald Trump over Joe Biden.

In an interview with Brian Kilmeade of Fox News Channel, Bob Bartels, the manager of Steamfitters Local 638, said that he had surveyed his members on their presidential election support and found that Trump had a far larger margin than Biden.