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About Just Patriots

Love your country? Want to support it in any way you can? The team here at Just Patriots feels the same way, and we aim to do just that each day by bringing the public the most factual news stories possible. The public deserves to know when their Constitutional rights and the core values they hold dear are being threatened.

Americans have the right to make their voices heard. Everyone at Just Patriots is dedicated to supporting the preservation of traditional family values, uncovering the agendas of anti-family groups, supporting the military, protecting your right to bear arms, and holding our government accountable. We support self-reliance and urge our readers to prepare for disasters and civil unrest.

Patriots must come together to support and share common sense ideas, useful tips and information, and the important, alternative perspectives the mainstream media refuses to truthfully report on each day. The stories we present are designed to equip you, our readers, to make informed and thoughtful decisions, no matter how uncertain things may seem.

The team at Just Patriots scours hundreds of stories each day with one goal in mind. We want you to be informed about breaking news, important issues impacting the United States, local and national elections, the political spectrum, the economy, and anything else that may impact your family or threaten your liberties.

Check your inbox every day for updates from Just Patriots. Our mission is to make sure you have the news you need to start your day feeling informed and prepared for whatever is happening, whether you’re kicking back at home or skimming the news on the go.

Our editors love hearing from our readers. Feel free to reach out to us at any time by emailing today(at)justpatriots.com or by replying to any email you receive from us. We value your opinions and take all feedback seriously.

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