Ukrainian Drone Strikes Set Russian Oil Refinery Ablaze

The latest aerial drone assault by Kyiv aims to put a significant dent in Russian military supplies. Early Wednesday, attack drones fired upon oil facilities in western Russia, according to defense sources in Kyiv.

To hinder Moscow’s capacity to launch assaults on Ukrainian towns or advance further in the industrial east, Ukraine has recently increased its drone strikes against Russian energy infrastructure.

Officials in the western Russian districts of Lipetsk and Smolensk made the first announcement of the assaults. Additional targets were the Lipetsk Tractor Plant, which manufactures essential components for the military vehicles used in Putin’s unlawful conflict.

In dramatic footage, one could see the fuel facility in Smolensk, which is close to the Ukrainian border, is engulfed in a massive fire. Locals heard five massive explosions, suggesting that the daring attack targeted more gasoline and energy centers.

Massive black smoke plumes reached into the sky as the structures that were being attacked were engulfed in flames.

The Smolensk governor had no choice but to acknowledge that Ukrainian drones attacked the Rosneft oil storage. Nevertheless, Russia promptly shifted into defense mode, claiming that the majority of drones belonging to Ukraine were neutralized.


Drones from Ukraine sent to the Voronezh border destroyed an oil center and an airfield.

Russia said that air defenses had shielded a strategic military air facility there.

Kyiv reportedly targeted a gasoline hub and many energy installations, according to Ukrainian official Anton Gerashchenko, who posted a video of the series of assaults.

According to the Russian defense ministry, eight kamikaze drones from Ukraine struck, although other sources indicate that there was more gunfire.

The hubs are a target for the soldiers stationed in Kyiv because they control the production of military hardware and provide Russia’s troops with essential fuel.

Putin took a humiliating hit when a video revealed an astounding 50-drone strike on eight separate districts. Both affected Russian oil corporations are vital to Putin’s economy and the fuel supply for his military.

Two infernos erupted, and witnesses reported hearing eight or more explosions.