Trump Unleashes On Republicans Unwilling To Impeach Biden

According to reports, former president Donald Trump is putting pressure on Republican senators to back up their rhetoric and start the impeachment proceedings against President Biden, or else they would suffer electorally.

During a campaign event in Erie, Pennsylvania, Trump urged his audience that any Republican who fails to take action against Democrat fraud should face an instant primary and be forced out of office.  There are a lot of strong Republicans here. They will face opposition at the polls, and that opposition will triumph.

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the speaker of the House of Representatives, has said that an impeachment probe is the right thing to do and that he is under no pressure from Trump to go after Biden.

McCarthy, referring to the several investigations being conducted by House Republicans investigating whether Biden benefitted from Hunter Biden’s international business transactions, stated at a press conference last week they would move to an impeachment inquiry if the Biden administration fails to give the information required.

Because of Trump’s remarks, McCarthy and other Republicans are in a difficult political position. To avert a shutdown, House Republicans have about three weeks from their September return to Washington to enact necessary funding legislation, but an impeachment probe may eat into that time.

Yet, Congress had no problems impeaching Trump under similar conditions.

On Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures,” author Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, praised Hunter Biden associate Devon Archer’s testimony before a House committee last week.

As the Republicans in the House continued their investigations, Schweizer described the evidence as devastating for the Bidens and promised more to come. Since Hunter Biden worked as a lawyer at Boies Schiller from 2009 to 2014, he was nervous walking in. The Bidens and the Democrats have had a long history of working with that company, but it didn’t stop him from testifying.  

Schweizer also noted that Eric Schwerin handled the financial matters. He’s the one responsible for moving funds around. Schwerin had access to Joe Biden’s and Hunter Biden’s accounts, as evidenced in Hunter Biden’s laptop.