George Santos To Be Featured In Documentary

Disgraced former Congressman George Santos is working with documentary filmmaker Jenner Furst on a film recounting his life – both real and made up, the New York Times reported.

In an interview with the New York Times, Furst, whose 2019 documentary “Fyre Fraud” was a big hit on Hulu, described himself as “a scammer whisperer.”

“Fyre Fraud” included an interview with Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland who pleaded guilty to two counts of wire fraud in 2018 and agreed to forfeit the $26 million his company made on the ill-fated festival.

For his documentary on the life of George Santos, which Furst said will reveal “the human side of the story, the filmmaker will interview the disgraced former lawmaker along with his confidants.

Furst told the New York Times that the film will reveal “personal stuff that people have never seen” as it delves into Santos’ life and experiences.

The director conceded that the notorious serial liar might continue to lie in the documentary but said it would be “pure entertainment” to try to extract the truth from Santos.

Santos is expected to be compensated for participating in the documentary, Furst told the Times. However, he insisted that compensation was a common arrangement in documentary filmmaking, particularly since streaming services like Netflix and Hulu started investing a great deal of money into documentaries.

He said Santos would be compensated for any photographs, videos, or other personal items the public has never seen.

While he recognized that many may object to Santos profiting from his disgrace, Furst dismissed the view, explaining that his documentary would be beneficial in the long run by ensuring that justice is served. He explained that the only way for people to get their money back from Santos is if he has the money to put “in their hands.”