Devon Archer Testimony Emboldens GOP Lawmakers

A former associate of Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, asserted that Hunter occasionally involved his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, in meetings with business associates via speakerphone, according to two legislators on Monday.

Archer appeared in a confidential meeting before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee on Monday, where investigations into Hunter Biden’s foreign business engagements and any potential involvement by his father were being conducted.

Fox News was informed by a source that Biden was included in these interactions to promote “the brand.” Such instances reportedly had dinner in Paris with a French energy firm and a meeting in China with Jonathan Li from BHR Partners, a private equity firm backed by the state.

Archer purportedly testified that Hunter Biden’s inclusion in Burisma’s board benefited “the brand,” suggesting that Joe Biden brought the most value. Archer also stated that without “the brand,” Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, would have faced bankruptcy.

However, there was a division among Republicans and Democrats on whether Archer’s statements implied a close collaboration between now-President Biden and his son’s business ventures, a claim refuted by the White House. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., reported that Archer’s acknowledgment affirms Biden’s falsehood regarding his involvement in his son’s foreign dealings.

Not a meeting participant but receiving regular updates from her team, Greene mentioned that Archer “specifically stated that he heard Hunter Biden converse with Joe Biden over 20 times” about their business transactions.

“He also said that the Bidens were engaged in selling influence. That’s extremely significant,” Greene added. “This confirms that Joe Biden lied, which is momentous. That signifies that [House Speaker] Kevin McCarthy’s call for an impeachment inquiry is justified.”

However, Rep. Dan Goldman, D-N.Y., stated to the press that while Biden was present in phone conversations when Archer was collaborating with Hunter, the topics were more mundane, like “casual pleasantries” and “the weather” rather than business affairs.

“Like many individuals, Hunter conversed with his father daily and sometimes included his father in the conversation when dining with others,” Goldman explained. “Mr. Archer clarified that sometimes these people were potential business associates, friends, or other social engagements.”

“According to his description, it was all casual talk about the weather and what’s happening,” Goldman continued. “There wasn’t a single discussion about Hunter’s business dealings.” 

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., also voiced his opinion, stating that while he believes Archer’s testimony “incriminates the president,” the content of the phone calls with business associates was merely friendly small talk.