Anti-Elitist Song Opened With Bible Verse Sends Crowd Wild

The audience went wild during a Sunday performance by Oliver Anthony, a country musician whose song “Rich Men North of Richmond” has become a working-class’ hymn.

A report reveals that Anthony read a passage from the Bible at the beginning of his Morris Farm Market presentation.

He said that before they would begin singing – he anticipated the crowd’s participation- he felt obliged to tell them something. He then cited Psalms 37:12–20. Anthony read the scriptures aloud.

Songs by Anthony, “I’ve Got to Get Sober,” and “Ain’t Got a Dollar,” have joined “Rich Men North of Richmond” at the peak of the iTunes county list.

The singer said to the crowd that it was ‘crazy’ to him because he performed here in June for maybe 20 people.

Anthony spoke about the days of COVID lockdowns and how things were clearly not going well for many people, and he was one of them. He began to compose songs.

He had wasted time drinking and getting high to the point where even the things he once cared about no longer had any significance.

He said that his immediate environment, and the people in it, were a source of motivation. They are unable to advance economically due to the over-taxation of the dollar. It’s getting to the point where people are weary. He hoped to speak out for not just them but all of humanity as a whole.
Reports show Oliver Anthony recently shared a positive message with his fanbase, demonstrating his interest in uniting people.

Anthony recently explained that his fans, not he himself, are responsible for the success of his song “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

He stresses the need for people to help each other. Where do we go from here to improve people’s lives? How can you help your neighbor out?

Anthony, on the road back after a concert in North Carolina, said that the song’s resonance was due more to the listener than to the song itself.