Daily Show Mocks Biden Over ‘Cannibal’ Comment About Uncle

President Joe Biden is mocked by some of the strongest supporters of his political party. It appears as though the Democrats themselves can’t look away from some of the ludicrous statements that come from Joe Biden. In a recent segment from The Daily Show on Comedy Central, hosts Ronny Chien and Jordan Klepper hosted a segment reacting to one of the most bizarre statements President Biden has ever made.

The Daily Show hosts ridiculed Biden in front of their audience after viewing a clip of the president giving a speech to the United Steel Workers Union in Pittsburgh, PA in which Biden revealed that his uncle, was shot down out of the sky and eaten by cannibals in New Guinea during WWII. The live studio audience themselves laughed at such an unordinary story.

“You’re gonna lose the election.” Host Ronny Chien said confidently. His co-host Klepper chimed in relating Biden’s age to the point of telling fictional stories as a normality. Chien added that the president is 80, although he is 81, and that many of our grandparents tell “crazy stories”. For the sake of comedy, both hosts then went back and forth sharing wild stories their own grandparents had told them. Keppler’s seemingly darker than Chien’s.

The interesting aspect of this segment is that it comes from a late-night talk show that has always been hosted by far-left media personalities. The Daily Show has been airing since the late 1990s, featuring hosts such as Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah, who have always made it their end goal to express their far-left viewpoints and distaste for the republican party. To see them mock the leader of the Democratic party is truly a humorous spectacle for audiences on both sides of the political spectrum.

Aside from The Daily Show, other left-wing media outlets such as New York Magazine and the Associated Press have also shed their doubt on Biden’s flesh-eating tale.