NYT States Biden Dodging Press Interviews Sets ‘Dangerous Precedent’

Dodging interviews with the press is a worrying trend, according to prominent media outlets, which has added fuel to the fire criticizing the Biden administration.

Concerned that Biden had moved his attention to a higher ideal as president, elite media outlets voiced their disapproval of his handling of questions from independent media. The media outlets fear that presidents-to-be may use the troubling pattern of regularly avoiding interviews and inquiries from their news organizations as a means to escape responsibility and examination.

At news conferences, the president is infamous for walking away from reporters. He always lets White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre answer questions and speak for Biden. Several media outlets have exposed his problematic tendency to avoid answering reporter inquiries.

Compared to his five immediate predecessors, President Joe Biden has conducted the fewest number (9) of news conferences in his first year in office. Compared to his predecessors, he has also given much less interviews (22) to the media.

Given Biden’s propensity to make errors and gaffes while speaking on the spot, experts believe his team has strategically decided to keep him out of the press in an effort to prevent any embarrassing gaffes, embarassing or contentious remarks.

Biden has conducted fewer press conferences in his first three years as president compared to his predecessors. Despite his pledge to reestablish conventional press relations during the 2020 election, he has granted fewer interviews with news organizations.

Unlike past administrations, this one is reaching out to a wide variety of atypical figures like social media influencers to disseminate its message.

In a survey of American voters, Donald Trump has built a six-point lead against incumbent Democrat Joe Biden, marking his biggest lead ever recorded.  Looking at the two candidates side by side in a survey, Trump has 49%, and Biden has 43%.