White House Confirms Terror Base In Gaza Hospital

Reports show that Israel launched an operation to pursue Hamas terrorists using Gaza’s largest hospital as cover.

Thousands of patients, doctors, and forced-out Palestinians were trapped inside the al Shifa Hospital for weeks, and IDF video shows troops bringing in humanitarian aid.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has stated that the precise raid within al Shifa was a military necessity to eliminate Hamas.

A witness saw military vehicles and countless commandos moving toward the hospital.

All militants in the hospital were ordered to surrender by the IDF last night. According to the IDF, Combat with Hamas militants and the discovery of weapons inside continues.

The IDF said it gave the hospital incubators, baby food, and medical supplies.

Israel blames Hamas for employing Palestinians to serve as human shields, while pro-Palestinians claim Israel has recklessly harmed people to eliminate Hamas.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the White House’s National Security Council, stated that there is a variety of evidence that suggests Hamas had been exploiting al Shifa Hospital to execute terrorist activities.

He also speculated that weapons were being stored in the building—an act of war crimes.

This development has arisen following the elimination of a Hamas terror group inside Al Quds Hospital, where they exploited patients as human shields,

On Monday, IDF officials said that Hamas militants had shot at them from the main entrance of Al Quds hospital while “embedded” among civilians.

Fresh reports show a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, which would result in a four-day lull in warfare and the release of 50 captives, has been ratified.

After weeks of talks between Israel, the US, and Qatar, a mediator between Hamas, this huge breakthrough has finally been achieved.

On Wednesday, Israel said that Hamas had agreed to release 50 of the approximately 240 captives it had imprisoned in the Gaza Strip over four days.

All Israeli citizens, who will be freed at around 12 per day, hold Israeli citizenship.

While Hamas has promised to return civilian women and children, they would not release any captive female IDF troops.