Nancy Pelosi Award Ceremony Disrupted by Anti-War Protestor

Anti-Israel demonstrators heckled Nancy Pelosi during a ‘Distinguished Citizen of the Year’ ceremony in San Francisco, where she was born and raised. 

The Harvard Club of San Francisco hosted the sold-out dinner event for its 150th anniversary on Monday. According to the event’s website, the event paid tribute to Pelosi for her 37-year career of outstanding servant leadership.

Pelosi is both a strong Congressional Democrat and a former speaker of the House.

However, a protester started yelling at Pelosi in a video-captured outburst while she was getting the prize.

Even though security swiftly removed the unnamed lady from the premises, she could not refrain from launching into a couple more tirades.

Pelosi responded that everyone honors the right to have their voice. Yet she proceeded to make a mockery of this, saying, “Welcome to San Francisco, everybody,” which provoked laughs from the crowd.

A group known as the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee has also demanded that the school cut ties with what they term the ‘illegal occupation of Palestine.’

Pelosi has been the target of public demonstrations before for her views on Israel’s conflict with Hamas. Two pro-Palestine protesters disrupted her April speech at the Oxford Union in the United Kingdom, only days after she had said that similar demonstrations had a “Russian tinge” to them.

Protesters stealthily hoisted Palestinian flags in front of the podium of the California Democrat as she addressed the Oxford debating society; security eventually removed them.

Roughly two hundred fifty protesters gathered outside the structure, shouting to “free Palestine” and “end the genocide.”

Youth Demand issued a statement labeling Pelosi a “warmonger.”

Pelosi said she had faith in the authenticity of a lot of the protesters, with everything about it genuine, natural, and unplanned. But, she added, there is a hint of “Russia” in some of it.

Pelosi has said that pro-Palestine demonstrators are being financially supported by Russia and has demanded an FBI inquiry into them.