Israel ISOLATED After Overwhelming UN Vote!

Sunday marked Israel’s Memorial Day, and the occasion was far from joyful. As its war with Hamas continue, it faces mounting pressure from allies and adversaries alike to unilaterally withdraw from the conflict without even the return of hostages taken during the October 7 attacks. In an official address on Sunday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated unequivocally that his nation will “stand alone” if it must, regardless of any international pressure brought to bear against it.

On that same day, around 300,000 people fled the Gazan city of Rafah in advance of further announced attacks. Fighting also resumed in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Jabaliya.

The pressure the Prime Minister spoke in response to was most recently exemplified in a United Nations motion last Friday, when the General Assembly recognized Palestine as eligible for full UN membership by a vote of 143-9, with 25 countries abstaining. The United States was among the small group opposing the motion. As a result of the action, Palestine gains the right to reply in debates, to propose items for the General Assembly’s agenda, and to nominate officers for election to U.N. committees. The resolution also advises the Security Council to favorably reconsider Palestine’s membership on that council, though the U.S. is likely to veto such an action.

Despite this official support, last week the United States expressed reservations about Israel’s use of American weapons in the Gaza conflict. U.S. President Joe Biden said that America might halt weapon sales to Israel if the situation continues.

The threat was met with bipartisan opposition in congress. It remains to be seen whether Congress will take action to prevent Biden from carrying out his threats, or if the threats themselves will erode his political capital on other domestic agenda items.

That same week, Egypt joined South Africa’s legal action against Israel in the International Court of Justice in The Hague, which alleges that Israel is conducting human rights violations—including genocide—with its actions in Gaza.