AOC ADMITS Dem’s Agenda for TRUMP!

Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York is being criticized for letting slip the real agenda behind the Trump prosecutions when she said that the criminal trial of the former President and current candidate was a legal way to keep “The Donald” away from the campaign trail.

Ocasio-Cortez made the remarks to reporters in the run-up to a Trump rally in the South Bronx on Thursday. Trump wasn’t holding the rally in New York because he thought he could actually turn the New York election around, she said, but because he’s scheduled to appear in court and can’t travel farther afield. She likened the court’s schedule to an ankle bracelet limiting his movements to the five New York City boroughs. She talked happily of the embarrassment it was causing the candidate, and said that she is looking forward to residents of the Bronx—whom she represents in congress—getting annoyed with Trump for creating a ruckus “in their backyard.”

She also said that Trump is “broke” implying that he needs the money raised by the rallies to stay afloat.

Tickets to the South Bronx rally are free.

Steve Cortez, a worker on Trump’s 2020 campaign, posted AOC’s remarks to X, saying that she “said the quiet part out loud” and lambasting her for glorying in the Biden administration’s abuse of power in keeping Trump off the campaign trail.

Trump supporters online expressed their frustration at the situation. One commenter at the Daily Wire,. Who goes by the name of ResidentRecon89, complained not only about the persecution of his preferred candidate, but also about Trump’s lack of strategic thinking in the matter. In failing to select a running mate, Trump has, in the commenter’s estimation, missed a critical opportunity to have his VP take to the campaign trail in his stead.

Meanwhile, Georgia Senator and longtime Trump ally Marjorie Taylor-Greene slammed the leftist “Squad” member for her lack of intelligence. The statement, said the Senator, amounts to an admission of election interference, which is a federal crime.