Two US Vets Die In Russian Drone Attack On Ukraine

The latest in an increasing number of American deaths at the hands of Russian troops in Ukraine were two veterans of the U.S. armed forces, who were slain at the end of last month.

According to media accounts and public tweets from individuals who knew them, former U.S. Marine Lance Lawrence and former Army officer Andrew Webber were killed in an operation against Russian troops.

Since the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine last year, at least 14 American citizens have lost their lives while serving in the armed forces.

Task & Purpose and Stars & Stripes, both military news sites, broke the story last week.

The State Department verified the deaths but did not release the victims’ names, reporting that two American citizens were killed in a drone strike in Ukraine on July 29.

Department officials said they were in touch with the family and provided all possible consular assistance.

Lawrence and Webber both gave their lives for the 59th Motorized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The former marine, Lawrence, provided cover under intense enemy fire for fellow soldiers when he was wounded. His buddy and colleague Ryan O’Leary provided the information on X (previously Twitter).

O’Leary wrote that the Ukrainian military had enlisted Lance, but he was not some bloodthirsty mercenary who relished the thrill of battle. He said his belief that Russia’s unjust actions in Ukraine prompted him to go there. 

Lawrence enrolled in the U.S. Marines in 2013, and after three years, he was promoted to the rank of private first class and awarded many decorations for his service.

According to his LinkedIn page, Webber died, leaving behind two kids. He served for about a decade in the United States Army, seeing action in Iraq and Afghanistan. His bio states that he enlisted in the Ukrainian military this past May.

His GoFundMe page states that he was a relentless patriot, a defender of freedom who valued justice and liberty for others just as much as his own life. He was also a veteran education mentor, 

It concluded by saying the loss of Andrew is irreparable.