CLOSE Shave – Boy ESCAPES Shooting!

Errol Hill from Fort Worth, Texas, had to dive for cover when bullets started whizzing through his living room. The drive-by shooting that sent the 9 year-old diving off his comfortable living room couch injured two adults and four children—and the incident was caught on video.

Errol told KXAS, the local NBC affiliate, that he thought the noises he was hearing through the walls were fireworks at first, but then he heard screams, and he peeked through the window. There, he spotted a shooter in a red Kia who fired at least four bullets into the Hill apartment.

The suspect has yet to be identified.

Errol added that he has been living in constant fear since the incident.

MaryJane Gonzales, Errol’s mom, said that she noticed the chaos the second she entered the living room. She checked on her sun to make sure he was okay, then proceeded outside to see what—or who—else had been shot. It was then that she heard agonized screaming from families on the bottom floor of the apartment complex.

Since Gonzales works as a medical assistant, she immediately began tending to the the injured people outside her apartment. Of those most seriously injured, one was only three years old. The toddler, she said, was fading in and out of consciousness. She said the incident was traumatic and has forever changed her life and those of her neighbors. She revealed that she’d never seen anyone shot before, and the reality of seeing children with gunshot wounds was something she could never have been prepared for.

Gonzales is now seeking to move her family to a new, safer home outside of the Fort Worth area. To that end, she has created a GoFundMe page to help with moving costs.

Officials with the Fort Worth Police Department say that they are continuing to search for the culprits, and ask anyone who may have helpful information to contact them at 817-392-4222.