Citizen Tip Leads to Drug Bust, Arrest of Nine in Jacksonville

As part of a narcotics raid, nine individuals were apprehended, and warrants were served at two residences on the Westside of Jacksonville, as reported by Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters.  According to Sheriff Waters, the Sheriff’s Watch, a local organization, provided information.

The information, he claimed, came during a February Sheriff’s Watch meeting when the citizen voiced worries about possible drug activity.

A concerned resident reported two Westside homes, one on Firetower Road and one on Mauldin Lane, to law enforcement and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Watch, who found illegal substances being peddled from within.

Local news interviewed a neighbor who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of reprisal. The neighbor confirmed this is the most recent instance of criminal conduct at one of the residences. According to the unnamed neighbor, the house has caused the whole road to be closed many times. At various hours of the night, narcotics are entering and leaving the premises.

An undercover operation resulted in a search warrant and subsequent arrest. According to the Sheriff, members of the community who assist law enforcement are appreciated.

Last month, the Firetower Road residence was the target of a JSO investigation, which yielded 287 grams of marijuana, 49 grams of cocaine, 164 grams of fentanyl, and 994 grams of methamphetamine. The police also confiscated weapons connected to attempted murder cases.

At a news conference held last Thursday, the Jacksonville Sheriff said that the purpose of this action is not only to eliminate the poison that contributes to the development of addiction but also to eliminate the accelerant that contributes to the beginning of gun violence in the community.

The JSO provided an explanation about how the big bust serves as a reminder of the significance of regular residents and the sheriff’s watch program working together with authorities to make their neighborhoods a safer place.