Despite Dropping Out, Nikki Haley Still Securing Votes in Primaries

Though she hasn’t been in the presidential race in two months, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley continues to get support from Republicans who are hesitant to vote for Trump.

On Tuesday night, Ms. Haley earned tens of thousands of votes in West Virginia and Maryland after garnering an astonishing fifteen percent total in the Republican primary in Indiana last week.

A large portion of the Republican primary electorate is still voting against Donald Trump, which might be a red flag for his presidential campaign.

Continuing his dominance in the primaries, the presumed Republican contender for 2024 won 80 percent of the vote in Maryland, 79.6 percent in Nebraska, and 88.4 percent in West Virginia on Tuesday.

Trump may have won the Republican presidential nomination handily (he lost just two primaries), but he seems to be having trouble gaining support from Republicans outside of his MAGA base, as a large number of them are still siding with Haley.

Many of these doom-and-gloom reports ignore that Trump is picking up a lot of support from Democrats disillusioned with Biden.

The Democrat’s reliable base of youth and minorities has eroded considerably. The women’s vote seems to hold on.

During the Republican primary, Haley was seen as a more moderate contender.

Trump’s chances of unseating President Joe Biden in November hinged on the support of moderates and independents.

Biden’s win hinges on the voters he is shedding. Many pundits believe the Haley factor is a wash.

Several surveys have shown that Haley’s followers will not vote for Trump in 2024. Other surveys show that Biden’s handling of Israel and Gaza has torn apart his base.

Trackers indicate that inflation, Ukraine, and old age will hurt Biden at the polls in November.

It is reported that Biden’s campaign is trying to win over these disillusioned Republicans. If they go to Haley, it’s not necessarily an advantage for Biden. The Democrats have RFK Jr. to contend with.

With 78.3% of the vote and Haley collecting 21.7%—a total of almost 128,000 votes—Trump handily won the Indiana primary on May 7.

May 21 is the date of the Republican caucus in Kentucky and the primary in Oregon.

Trump will be certified as the 2024 candidate at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee in July.