Georgia Cops Remove Squatters Allegedly Occupying House For Months

After a gang of squatters reportedly broke into a vacant house on Christmas Eve last year, police in South Fulton, Georgia, have apprehended them.

The SFPD  reportedly detained six people and recovered a stolen car when a large number of officers arrived at the alleged abandoned property on Caveat Court, according to local news.

According to Kendra Snorton, VP of the homeowner’s organization, a group of squatters allegedly occupied the Hampton Oaks property on Christmas Day. They often saw the gang’s leader out walking his dog. When he engaged with members of the community, he was friendly and respectful, according to Snorton.

According to Mel Keyton, president of the HOA, the trio broke into another house in the area, stole a vehicle, and then took it back to the home they had been living in for months. She said the area had become very dangerous since squatters had been showing up in the neighborhood. They use the community-paid facilities and break into homes.  Not knowing who lives among them makes Snorton feel anxious.

Squatting is now illegal in Georgia after a bill was signed into law last month by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp.

In an interview with a cable news network, Kemp mentioned the Georgia Squatter Reform Act, which would expedite evictions and enable property owners to sue squatters for damages.  According to Kemp, bad actors have found methods to manipulate the local government process, which is unfortunate. To crack down on these people and expedite the eviction process, they have passed legislation that  makes penalties harsh. Kemp believes the owner of the property should be able to sue the squatters for damages.

According to a real estate agent, a squatter in Atlanta sold appliances from a home. According to the agent, squatters bravely inhabit these residences unlawfully and aren’t afraid of anyone.