Trump Slams GOP Rivals For Communication On Abortion

Former president Donald Trump claimed that fellow Republicans were “very inarticulate” when discussing abortion during an NBC’s Meet the Press interview with host Kristen Welker. He implied that Republicans and Democrats would appreciate his role as a neutral facilitator of compromise. Trump predicted that after weeks or months of negotiations, the two sides would finally reconcile after 52 years. Refusing to say whether the matter should be addressed at the federal or state level, he did not back a uniform number of weeks after which abortion would be outlawed, with some exceptions.

Trump blasted how his fellow Republicans have discussed the subject, stating that the GOP will prevail once it settles on a suitable number of weeks. He also said Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida should be ashamed of his recent six-week ban. In response to Trump’s statements, DeSantis spokesman Andrew Romeo posted on X, saying that Republicans everywhere know that Ron DeSantis won’t “back down.”

Throughout the conversation, Trump discussed the 2020 election and his legal troubles. He claimed he didn’t take the advice of White House and campaign counsel that the election hadn’t been stolen because he didn’t think highly of them. Trump claimed it was “my choice” to work toward nullifying the 2020 election results, owning his decision.

Four cases await him due to his alleged attempts to reverse the 2020 election, two at the federal and two at the state levels. He assured Welker that he had no intention of serving time behind bars.

People often approach him and ask, “How do you do that, sir?” (Stay calm and collected while facing hurdles that would break another person.) He attributes this to the fact that he was “built a little differently.”

He would not completely rule out the possibility of pardoning himself if he were to be reelected after being convicted on federal charges, but he did call it “extremely unlikely.”