Suspect in Tupac Murder Case Unable to Raise Bail Money

Suspect Duane “Keefe D” Davis, who is suspected to be the murderer of Tupac Shakur, is anticipated to be freed from prison before his trial, but he is having trouble raising the necessary bail money.

He needs around $80,000 to post a $750,000 bond and be freed on house arrest with a gadget that tracks his whereabouts. Keefe’s loved ones have not raised enough money to enable him to live in his home in Henderson and fight for his liberation from prison. Keefe is confused and saddened that none of his rapper community has stepped up to help him. He feels abandoned.

In November, Keefe will stand trial for the murder charges against him. He insists he is innocent. Despite multiple interviews with the media in which he admitted to having a significant hand in the rap icon’s death, he pled not guilty. In the September 1996 drive-by shooting of the California Love star in Las Vegas, Keefe stands alone as the only one ever to face charges.

After Tupac’s murder on September 13, 1996, investigators from the Vegas Metro finally reached a wall: gang members still wouldn’t talk about it. But Keefe has been quite vocal and forthcoming in interviews for the past ten years, blabbing and boasting about his role in coordinating gang members to seek out Shakur for execution.

His idiotic statements prompted a murder accusation. He is staring down the barrel of a life sentence if proven guilty, according to detectives.

Last week, Keefe dispelled suspicions that he was attempting to negotiate a plea bargain by telling acquaintances that he was not a snitch and was not related to the recent FBI raids on Diddy, the rapper. Keefe had said that Diddy had offered to pay $1 million and had planned the attack on Tupac in an earlier recorded interview with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Marc DiGiacomo of Clark County affirmed their case against Keefe. If found guilty, the ex-gang boss will be spared the death penalty.

He’s not a snitch, except when snitching on himself to gain “street cred” with people unwilling to bail him out of jail.