SC Republican Demands Media Cover Border Crisis

Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina had a heated exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta regarding the border situation. The Republican representative asserted that CNN should provide accurate coverage of the events at the border.

Jim Acosta questioned Norman about the GOP’s strategy for border security, especially in the event of a government shutdown, expressing his confusion over the plan.

Norman emphasized that the public must hold the Biden Administration accountable for ensuring border patrol agents can perform their duties effectively, establish a wall, and determine specific entry points. He accused the administration of deliberately neglecting these issues for political gain and raised concerns about providing Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses.

Acosta challenged Norman’s statements, seeking evidence to support the congressman’s claims. Norman inquired if Acosta had personally visited the border, to which Acosta affirmed he had.

Norman then mentioned the problems at the border, including assaults. Acosta defended that the southern border was not open, highlighting the presence of fences, walls, and border patrol agents.

Reports indicated that in August, migrant encounters at the southern border reached an unprecedented 200,000 for the year.

Norman pointed to the frustration of border patrol agents, urging Acosta to confirm with them directly. Acosta reiterated his question about the effectiveness of border enforcement during a government shutdown, emphasizing the financial challenges border patrol agents would face without pay.
Acosta also noted that the previous administration’s proposed border wall was incomplete. Norman countered by blaming the Biden administration for halting the project, leading to unutilized materials and subcontractor payments. He urged CNN to provide an accurate representation of the situation. Acosta defended CNN’s coverage, stating they frequently report from the border.

According to CBP, more than 11,000 illegal aliens were recently encountered at the border in a single day. Illegal invaders are overrunning Eagle Pass and El Paso, Texas. The situation caused the Democrat Mayor of Eagle Pass to issue an emergency declaration. An enormous group of predominantly single adult men are now waiting to be processed by Border Patrol.