NYC Mayor Shares The Bad News On Migrant Crisis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently warned locals about the growing number of migrants in the city, stressing that things were not likely to change anytime soon.

Adams was quoted in the media as saying, “Eventually, this is going to come to a neighborhood near you, and it is — 91,000 people.” 

Adams underlined that despite the lack of indoor space, he and his staff were working to avoid the emergence of tent towns, which have been an issue in other cities.

At a press conference held at City Hall, Mayor Adams said things would not be getting better soon. No more migrants will fit.

Adams has stated his goal to restrict those who want to sleep outside to more manageable city areas. The sight of hundreds of refugees may have inspired his remarks, camped out overnight on cardboard boxes outside of New York City’s iconic Roosevelt Hotel, a relief facility that is now at capacity. 

According to reports, Adams said he spent Saturday night at the Roosevelt. And when he visited on a Sunday, there were lines of people wrapping around the block, which had to be bad for the local businesses. 

He said he tried using buses as cooling systems, but that’s not a long-term solution.

The Roosevelt, which opened as a family intake center and shelter at the start of the crisis, has to provide rooms under the terms of a long-standing court settlement with City Hall known as the “right to shelter.” 

The media claims that migrants have been camping out in front of the hotel for days to get a bed.

Adams, venting his anger at the federal government, said President Joe Biden’s offer of a liaison to assist with the immigration situation wasn’t enough. According to him, the city already has everything to get through this. The mayor said folks must work. The unwillingness to work is the ultimate anti-American trait. 

Adams predicted that New York City would lose $4.3 billion over two years due to the immigration crisis. The New York Post reports that Biden has offered $143.0 million to deal with the problem.