New Book Scrutinizing the Beckhams to be Released Soon

A British investigative biographer, Tom Bower, is slated to publish The House of Beckham: Money, Sex and Power on June 20. The book examines the personal lives of David and Victoria Beckham, their meteoric climb to stardom, and the creation of their multi-billion dollar worldwide business. It also covers all new and shocking charges and David’s affairs. “Startling revelations” are said to be included in the book.

The book will be released worldwide in hardcover, audiobook, and eBook formats, and Harper Collins has announced that it has purchased the world rights to it. The book details everything from their romance to their football and fashion professions to their money woes and their move to Miami.

Bower explains that it was difficult for him to research the book since the Beckhams advised friends and family to avoid talking and to help keep the Beckham’s private lives close to the vest. He was, though, able to speak with enough folks to get some fascinating information. Even though the Beckhams are likely to suffer damage from the book, the court of public opinion will determine how they feel about the “new facts.”

Victoria will celebrate her 50th birthday on Wednesday, and the book’s publication is being released just in time for the celebration.

Sporting a bra in a photo commemorating her 50th birthday, Victoria thanked her husband, David, and their four lovely children for their unfailing love and support in a long statement she sent on the eve of the milestone. Regarding the development of her beauty and fashion labels and David’s unfailing love and support, Victoria gushed again with thanks.

The ex-Spice Girl thanked the former soccer star for his unwavering support and love and for the lovely children he helped bring into the world. Expressing appreciation for her loved ones and her amazing team, she pledged to keep pushing herself to her limits.