Male Nanny Who Abused Multiple Children Gets 707-Year Sentence

A man who worked as a “manny” for families in southern California has been sentenced to more than 700 years in prison for committing pedophilic acts on 16 of the boys who were in his care.
Local reports show prosecutors in California stated that Matthew Antonio Zakrzewski, who was additionally found guilty of exposing a youngster to pornographic material, was sentenced on Friday.

Zakrzewski subjected the kids, who were between the ages of 2 and 12, to horrible cruelty while simultaneously recording several of the attacks.

According to the prosecution, he was found guilty of over 30 offenses in October and sentenced to 707 years in prison. Prosecutors said that in a statement he gave to the court on Friday, he did not apologize.

Zakrzewski said his greatest accomplishment was making youngsters happy, and their shared experiences were entirely authentic. Prosecutors said that 34-year-old Zakrzewski made the statement while the parents of the victims shielded their ears and wept.

A report shows that in May 2019, after landing from an international trip, investigators from the Laguna Beach Police Department apprehended 34-year-old Zakrzewski.

Parents in Laguna Beach, CA, reported that he had improper contact with their child. Zakrzewski was eventually charged with 34 offenses, including indecent and lascivious conduct with a juvenile, when more alleged victims came forward.

According to investigators’ findings, the victims’ ages varied from 2-12. According to the local DA, Zakrzewski was found guilty on all charges by the jury.

The district attorney, Todd Spitzer, has said that the boys’ babysitter betrayed them in the worst possible way, causing them to experience unfathomable fear.

Reports show that on his website advertisements, Costa Mesa native Zakrzewski said he was far more than just a babysitter. He promised his potential charges that they would have a great time hanging out with him.