Longtime Dem Dershowitz Threatens to Pull Support for Biden

Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz explained on April 2nd why he may not support Joe Biden for re-election in November, stating that his stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict is the deciding factor.

Reports show that a resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza passed on March 25th because the Biden administration did not vote in the UN Security Council despite having vetoed three such resolutions in the past.

The high Jewish population in Florida is worried about the administration’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict, according to Dershowitz, who claims to have voted for a Democrat in each presidential election.

Dershowitz made the statement on his podcast, arguing that supporting Israel is essential to win Florida. Imagine losing Michigan to a group of 200,000 Muslims or Arabs. That’s nothing compared to Florida, where there are a large number of Jewish, pro-Israel, and Israeli voters.

Dershowitz warned that many Jewish and pro-Israel voters would not be taken for granted. You can’t assume his vote in this situation.

Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib’s appeal for an undecided slate of delegates to protest Biden’s backing for Israel on February 18 has made Biden more critical of Israel’s actions. Several states that had Super Tuesdays, including Michigan and Washington, showed strong support for the protest vote.

Several Democrats have spoken out against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, notably New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who, in a speech delivered last month on the Senate floor, demanded a new election to succeed the long-serving Netanyahu.

According to Dershowitz, if South Floridians, many of whom are dual citizens, believe that Biden is not standing behind Israel’s right to self-defense or has altered his stance for political reasons, they will not vote for Biden.

Israel launched military operations following Hamas’s terrorist assault on October 7, in which the Islamic terrorist militants Hamas abducted more than 200 people and murdered more than 1,200.

On March 15, new operations in Rafah were approved by Netanyahu.

In the center of Gaza, Israel planned to establish humanitarian islands that would provide food, housing, and other necessities to the displaced.