Ro Khanna Says Dems Should Focus on Core Issues, Not Trump Cases

During an appearance on NewsNation on April 15th, Democrat Representative Ro Khanna of California referred to the party’s charges involving former President Donald Trump as a diversion, arguing that the attention should be directed at issues concerning Americans.

As the trial for Trump’s ‘hush money’ lawsuit started in Manhattan on Monday, Khanna made an appearance on Cuomo to address the legal charges that the Democratic Party had building against him. The former president is being accused of falsifying company documents to allegedly pay porn actress Stormy Daniels hush money. Manhattan Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg is pursuing the allegations.

Reports show Bragg increased the counts from misdemeanor to felony counts as he claimed that Trump allegedly utilized the payments to Daniels to conceal another alleged crime that was somehow tied to the 2016 election.

Khanna was questioned about the perceptions of voting Democrats regarding their actions in this manner.

Cuomo said that Bragg is a Democrat. It seems extremely ambitious to go after a candidate you are concerned you won’t be able to defeat in the polls.

Khanna said that he believes it is necessary for them to present their argument at the polls, not in the courts. The Bragg case is likely the weakest of all their cases. People are concerned about the price of food, rent, and gas, and the country has been outsourcing jobs for decades and hollowing out factory towns, and we are doing nothing about it.

Judge Juan Merchan refused the former president’s request to skip a day of the trial so Trump could attend his son’s high school graduation. Outside the courtroom on Monday, Trump criticized the decision and referred to the trial as a fraud.

Trump explained on Truth Social that because he is not in Georgia, Florida, or North Carolina campaigning as he should be, because he’s unable to attend his son’s graduation, and because he’s unable to appear at the United States Supreme Court, this is a favor for Democrats on the far left. That is precisely their goal. This is election interference.