Boston Residents Reject Repurposing Veteran Shelter For Migrants

Over the last several years, left wing politicians and progressive activists in nations across the western world have become increasingly radical in their positions and espoused agenda. While this has resulted in an alienation of working class voters and a historic realignment of these voters (which were for a long time the most reliable voting base of the Democratic party) with right-wing political parties in the United States (namely Republicans), progressives remain dedicated to their far-left agenda. Indeed, while they have lost the support of rural and working class voters, they have cemented support in urban areas, supplemented by a realignment of wealthy and affluent voters (who had long voted reliably for Republicans) to their party.

To make matters worse, as wages continue to stagnate, millions of migrants have poured into the nation over the first two and a half years of the 46th President Joe Biden’s term of service. In the early days of his presidency, Biden reversed many of Donald Trump’s immigration policies that had been appearing to mitigate the effects of illegal migration at the southern border and stem the flow of persons into the domestic United States. One policy, which had required migrants to remain in Mexico as they were processed, was rescinded, and after being detained, migrants have been willingly shipped northward to major cities without any identification or vetting. These individuals often compete with low income Americans for work and help to keep wages low.

As the migrant crisis within the domestic United States continues to worsen, major cities in Democrat run states continue to take insane measures to provide for them. New York City has decided to give illegals prepaid debit cards filled with hundreds of taxpayer dollars a month. While veterans remain homeless and average American families can barely afford to survive, the government provides for foreigners at their expense. In Boston, a veteran’s shelter may be turned into a migrant facility.