Libertarians Are Suddenly Supporting Robert Kennedy Jr

A Reason article tries to convince Libertarians that RFK Jr., the anti-vaccine environmental attorney, does not deserve the public relations makeover he receives from bloggers and podcasters.

The article slams the nonprofit Children’s Health Defense, which highlights the risks associated with immunizations, used to get just 119,000 monthly website visitors. Web traffic for the site went through the roof when COVID struck, with 5 million unique visitors at its height per month as public distrust of the medical system skyrocketed.

Who is behind the claims of a “global cabal” trying to outlaw meat and the hazards of electromagnetic radiation? Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is making an unlikely presidential run and is the group’s chairman, the highest-paid executive, and the top legal counsel.

According to the report, various podcasters, commentators, and tech heavyweights are on a rehabilitation tour for RFK Jr., but he does not deserve their praise. The reporter believes RFK Jr. promotes reporting on par with tabloids, characterized by reckless extrapolation from little facts. Children’s Health Defense, which he co-founded, misrepresents those who oppose government overreach and vaccination mandates by grouping them with science deniers.

The article chastizes Catholic bishops, which it claims to be the originator of the assertion that this was part of the World Health Organization’s “depopulation” strategy, and says they have never provided solid proof.

According to a 2020 report, authorities like the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are on the incorrect side of heated scientific arguments. The errors tend to repeat, which suggests an underlying worldview.

The World Health Organization seemed more concerned with preventing public fear and stigma than stopping the spread of the COVID virus, as seen by their sequence of releases after the epidemic.
The tone was meant to reassure rather than scare since the latter may hurt tourism and commerce and irritate politicians in member nations who provide financial aid to the WHO.