Internet Searches of Teen Who Killed Baby Revealed

In the age of the internet, humanity is more interconnected than ever before. Indeed, in comparison to life just 100 years ago, ordinary humans have more information at their fingertips in mere seconds than even the most powerful men on the planet possessed in hours, minutes, days and years. While this technological revolution has resulted in many lifestyle changes that have proven to be beneficial to the consumer and humanity, it goes without question that the spread of information and never-ending stimulation that technology promotes has had sizable detriments on human communication, interconnectedness in communities, and socialization at large. Additionally, with rapid advancements in technology also comes an increase in media options and news sharing. Unfortunately, as is often the case, most media reports focus on “sensational” stories which are meant to harness the attention of viewers no matter the quality of the content. Indeed, there has truly been a marked shift away from fact-based, non-biased, informative reporting over the years.

In America, it is often said that “bad news” travels faster and is more “palatable” to individuals than “good” news because it is easier to capture the attention of people when discussing a calamitous or troubling circumstance. In Utah, a teenager killed her newborn son and discarded his body on a highway. In a sickening development, Estrella Meza-Ojeda, aged 18, gave birth to her son in August. On Saturday, September 23rd, she was arrested and charged with a number of charges which included counts of aggravated murder and obstruction of justice. The baby was found discarded off I-80.

In a search over the teens phone, it was determined that Ojeda searched for answers to prompts such as time served in prison for murdering a baby, taking a child’s life, and for garbage dumps near her. The development is truly a horrific example of the sick nature of American culture in the present; many individuals have no regard for life.