Doc Prove Biden Knew About Surge and Did Nothing

While the 2024 presidential election remains political lightyears away, most major national media outlets and both dominant political parties remain committed to promoting the election heavily, attempting to generate a hyper-focus on the federal contest for control of the oval office. While 2023 is an “off” year for most federal offices, several states have meaningful state-level elections in the legislature. Despite this, media outlets like CNN, Fox, and MSNBC continue to heavily circulate coverage of the likely contestants in the 2024 battle. In the present, it appears that the former 45th president and the current incumbent, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, are poised for a rematch of the 2020 election. Trump continues to hold a massive double-digit lead over a crowded field of Republican candidates, and Biden, although unpopular nationally and vulnerable, faces no serious opposition within his own party. Only Robert F. Kennedy, who has been thus far more favorably received by Republican leaning voters than Democratic individuals within his own party, has garnered any support, and remains distantly behind Biden in the polls. Ultimately, only time will tell how 2024 will shape up to appear in the far future.

Joe Biden is widely unpopular, consistently receiving dismal approval ratings in the latest polls. Unsurprisingly, Bidens poor leadership has been noticed by the American people, and as they continue to suffer economically and socially, the polls reflect their frustrations. One issue Biden has been widely criticized on is his handling of the crisis at the American southern border. Millions of illegal aliens have entered the nation since he entered the oval office, and little has been done to counter the problem.

In a recent report, the recent surge of migrants at the border in September of 2023 supposedly was anticipated by the administration. Internal documents prove that the Department of Homeland Security had knowledge of what was to come, but no actions were taken to oppose the unprecedented surge.