World Leader Goes All In For Trump Presidency

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban once again claimed that Russia would never have invaded Ukraine if Donald Trump was still the President of the United States.

In a January 31 interview published in the French magazine Le Point, Orban said it was still his “personal conviction” that if Donald Trump had been president in February 2022, there would have been no war in Europe.

Orban insisted that he could see no leader in Europe or the US who was strong enough to stop Russia from invading Ukraine except for Donald Trump.

“Peace has a name,” Orban added, “that of Donald Trump.”

Orban also said Trump’s campaign slogans “America First” and “Make America Great Again” should legitimize Europeans to say “Europe First” and “Make Europe Great Again.”

He explained that it should be “the normal attitude” for each European country to put its interests first and then reach agreements with other nations based on their national interests.

Orban also argued that Donald Trump had been “one of the most successful foreign policy presidents” for not starting a “single war” while in office. He also praised the Trump administration’s Middle East Abraham Accords, calling them the only serious chance for peace and balance in the region.

Orban has frequently argued that the conflict in Ukraine would never have happened if the US was not led by Joe Biden.

In an August interview with Tucker Carlson, Orban praised Trump’s foreign policy for avoiding war while criticizing the Biden administration.

Orban told Tucker that it was a lie that Ukraine ever had a chance of defeating Russia, explaining that the Russian military was larger and “far stronger” than Ukraine’s. He suggested that the only man would could “save the Western world” was Donald Trump, and said America should “call back Trump.”

Orban also attacked the Biden administration for using the justice system to target the president’s political opponent, saying that was what was done by the Communists.