Wayward Deer Investigates Elementary School

According to comical accounts, an elementary school in New Jersey got an unexpected guest during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. On November 25th, just before the holidays, a deer leaped and broke through a window of a New Jersey elementary school.

Around ten o’clock in the evening, a person walking his dog in Toms River (which is seventy miles east of Philadelphia) saw the juvenile deer leap and slam through the Cedar Grove Elementary School’s window. The juvenile deer was able to be guided to safety after being met by the police as it ran rampant through the building.

The Toms River Police Department received recognition for their efforts with a video that looked like a scene from a Christmas card.

Social media reveals that Toms River police officers used the video and added Kelly Clarkson’s rendition of Chuck Berry’s classic “Run Rudolph Run” to it along with the voices of the police officers.

The deer dashes through Cedar Grove Elementary School’s halls in a video that the Toms River Police Department uploaded on Facebook.

A sequence in the video seems to have been staged for comedic effect. As an officer follows, the animal noses its way into the room, dashes over a large desk or the tops of file cabinets, and repeatedly knocks into what seems to be hanging artwork.

At the conclusion of the short clip, the deer bolts from the school. Authorities said the deer’s presence at the school was only for a short time.

The school’s janitorial workers cleaned up after the deer’s frantic departure while the security personnel boarded up the window.

According to a report, like birds that smash into windows, deer may also leap into and break through them due to reflections. The windows should be much safer with a non-glare coating applied to their exteriors.