Venezuelan Flag Planted On Texas Island

In the present situation under Joe Biden’s administration, individuals of military age from various global locations are reportedly entering the United States illegally, allegedly with the media perception of the president’s approval.

In the past week, a continual influx of young men from Venezuela is said to be crossing the Texas border. The situation seemingly has no foreseeable resolution.

According to CBP, more than 11,000 illegal aliens were encountered at the border over the last 24 hours. Illegal invaders are overrunning Eagle Pass and El Paso, Texas. The situation caused the Democrat Mayor of Eagle Pass to issue an emergency declaration. An enormous group of predominantly single adult men are now waiting to be processed by Border Patrol.

The influx continues, with many individuals still entering. They seem undeterred by potential consequences and often anticipate being allowed into the U.S. following the necessary procedures.

A significant number of primarily single adult men are said to be in line for processing by the Border Patrol, and the number entering the border doesn’t seem to be waning. Despite their undocumented entry, many expect to be integrated into the U.S. after the processing phase.

Illegals planted a Colombian flag on a small island near Eagle Pass, Texas. This island, situated along the Rio Grande, has witnessed numerous migrants attempting to enter the U.S. and seek asylum.

Previously under the jurisdiction of the Texas General Land Office, the island’s control shifted to the Texas Department of Public Safety shortly after the end of Title 42, a public health order from the Trump administration, in May. DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez conveyed this information.

Olivarez mentioned that a DPS Tactical Marine Unit promptly addressed the flag. The flag displayed the word “Robenz,” based on pictures shared with Fox News Digital.

U.S. Representative Troy Nehls, a Republican from Texas, commented on footage showing the flag’s removal, stating, “Don’t mess with Texas.”

Texas has observed a significant uptick in migrant arrivals, notably from Venezuela. Last week, a large group of primarily Venezuelan adults, who had entered without documentation, assembled under a bridge in Eagle Pass.