Man Who Scammed Grandparents of $384K Jailed for Almost Four Years

If there were a lowlife hall-of-fame, this guy would qualify for immediate induction.

A cretin who used threats, intimidation, and a web of lies to strongarm his grandparents into parting with £384,000 has now been sentenced to almost four years in jail.

Under relentless pretenses, Daniel Tilden conned his two elderly relatives, one aged 79 and the other 81, into giving him money. His excuses would range from a necessity for a new vehicle or medication to the possibility of paying for private cancer treatment.

Tilden, 31, stole £384k from his victims over a decade. His victims were so terrified of him that they felt they had no choice but to comply with his demands.

On April 24, Swindon Crown Court handed down a three-year, nine-month jail term to Tilden. He also has a fine and a 10-year gag order on contacting his grandparents.

At first, he would accompany his grandfather to cash points to withdraw money. Later, it expanded to grocery shopping with him and getting “cash back” from the cashier.

Tilden was granted bond after his arrest in November of last year. But he disobeyed the terms of his parole time and time again by paying a visit to his grandparents. A subsequent re-arrest led to charges of controlling or coercive conduct in an intimate or familial connection under section 76 of the Serious Crime Act after he manipulated his grandparents into turning up a sum of £384,077.

According to the victim impact statement, the grandpa likened his family life to being under continual assault by Tilden’s unending visits and detailed his dread of rejecting him.

Sarah Hardwidge said that the Devizes Neighbourhood Policing Team spent three years conducting a thorough inquiry. The victims were protected, and the necessary proof was gathered because of the cooperation between medical experts, adult social care, banks, and local businesses.