Trump Reports ‘Biden’s War on the Suburbs’ 

( In a campaign video released on Monday, Donald Trump promised to end President Biden’s “War on the Suburbs.” 

In the video, which is part of Trump’s “Agenda 47” campaign series, the former president sets his sights on the Biden Housing and Urban Development proposed regulations requiring communities to provide so-called “equity plans” to receive federal funding. 

Last month, Housing and Urban Development unveiled new proposed regulations for any jurisdiction that receives HUD funding. Under HUD’s guidelines, “fair housing” would now mean promoting “equity” in communities by decreasing segregation while increasing access to community assets and opportunities for under-served communities and people of color. 

In short, if a jurisdiction wants funding from HUD, it must propose a plan for how it will clear the way for low-income housing so “under-served” individuals can relocate to its more affluent community. 

The more than 1,200 counties and cities currently receiving HUD funding would be required to develop so-called “equity plans” to continue receiving funding. These “equity plans” would have to include things like building low-income housing or redrawing area school districts to make them more racially and economically diverse. 

Trump warns that the “power grab” would allow “radical and racist” bureaucrats to micromanage housing by abolishing zoning for single-family homes while requiring multi-family housing units in the suburbs, including “next to your house.” According to Trump, the plan would force taxpayers to pay for low-income housing in their neighborhoods while reducing property values for them. 

Saying the “woke left” is waging a “full-scale war on the suburbs,” Trump warned that this “crusade” will be “coming for your neighborhood,” “tax dollars,” “public safety,” and home. 

Trump vowed that if he is elected in 2024, repealing Biden’s attack on the suburbs will be “one of my first acts.” He pointed out that he did away with a similar HUD plan from the Obama Administration during his term in office and said that he would do the same to Biden’s plan if he is elected again.