Trump Recognizes New Category Of ‘Migrant Crime’

In an interview with Breitbart News, former president Donald Trump predicted the rise of a new American criminal category—Migrant Crime—as a result of Democrat policies implemented by Joe Biden and his Democrat Party.

Migrant crime is the new American crime, Trump said during the interview at his Mar-a-Lago estate on Wednesday, March 20th. He noted that it’s a brutal situation, and these individuals are rough. Many of these migrants suffer from physical and mental illnesses.

The tragic situation faced by Angel Families, such as the family of 22-year-old college nursing student Laken Riley of Georgia, has become an essential part of Trump’s presidential campaign. Tragically, Riley’s death is only one example of the many American lives lost to illegal immigrants who would not pose a threat if the federal government strictly enforced immigration laws already in place.

Trump’s team issued a graphic video detailing the numerous crimes, including rapes and murders, committed by the migrants that Biden let into the US.

Trump met with Laken Riley‘s parents during his most recent rally in Georgia. More gatherings and activities with Angel Families are also on his agenda for the year.

Many of the illegal migrants that Biden is allowing into the nation are very dangerous criminals from Central America, according to Trump, who told Breitbart News that this is a major reason why Biden’s America is failing. He pointed out that violent activity is decreasing in Venezuela. Additionally, Trump said that major cities such as New York City are being hit particularly hard by the influx of these criminal illegal migrants.

He attributes this to the fact that criminals from Venezuela have been trafficked into America.

According to a report, the United States has been penetrated by a large criminal organization, according to an El Paso, Texas,  FBI agent. In its primary activities, the Tren de Aragua gang engages in human smuggling and sex trafficking, taking advantage of fellow Venezuelans.