Surveillance Footage Captures Child’s Fatal Fall From Apartment

Over the summer, the blaze in Maui, Hawaii shocked the world. Hundreds of people died in the fire. After the fire was contained, locals returned to areas that were previously closed off by officials. In one heartbreaking case, Luz Vargas, a resident of Maui, found the remains of her adopted son and the family dog amidst the rubble of her home. In an absolutely appalling story, Vargas recounted that as the fire initially spread towards her residence weeks ago, she raced towards home with her husband and son, attempting to reach another who she had left home alone on the property. After abandoning her car in traffic and proceeding on foot, Vargas arrived at a barricade established by law enforcement. Several days later, she arrived home and among the destroyed ruins of her house discovered the charred remains of her 15 year old adopted son Kenyero Fuentes. The boy was found clutching the body of the family dog. One can only imagine the nearly unfathomable final moments of the two tragic victims. The power company Hawaiian electric has faced litigation that alleges negligence by the corporation caused the fire.

It appears that tragedy remains a constant theme in the news cycle. Whether it be fatal natural disasters, criminal actions, freak accidents, or anything in between, the unfortunate reality is that it appears that bad news travels twice as fast and far as good news. In a recent story, a horrible incident occurred in Kansas City Missouri. A small child- a boy less than twelve years old, fell from an apartment building and died on the scene. Police are investigating the exact cause of the child’s death, and it remains unclear how far he actually tumbled before hitting the ground. Security surveillance footage did capture the fall. His death is being investigated as suspicious. The investigation is ongoing, and it may be weeks or months before any conclusions can be made.