Social Media Star Dies From Sudden Aneurysm

Internet personality and influential German bodybuilder Jo Lindner, aka “Joesthetics,” has passed away. He was in his thirties.

An aneurysm, a medical ailment in which a blood artery forms a bulge, was determined to cause Jo Lindner’s sudden death. This protrusion develops at a weak spot in the wall of a blood artery, usually at a branch. 

Lindner was a social media phenomenon with over 10 million followers between Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

Nicha, his girlfriend, also known as @immapeaches on Instagram, posted a memorial to her late lover. She wrote that Lindner had complained of neck pain days before the tragedy. She said he was “sweet, kind, loyal, and strong.”

The sudden passing of this German fitness icon has shocked his legion of Instagram followers, who he attracted with his entertaining posts about his rigorous training regimens at the gym.

Due to his unique muscular ailment called rippling muscle disorder, in which muscles are susceptible to movement or pressure, Lindner revealed to YouTuber Bradley Martyn before his death that he worried overtraining might trigger a heart attack.

After taking a year off of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), Lindner wrote in his final Instagram post that he resumed the treatment when he “lost [his] gains” and could not recover his testosterone levels naturally. He died the next day.

Arnold Schwarzenegger contrasted his personal experiences with how modern bodybuilders obtain performance-enhancing medications. The famed actor, also known for his bodybuilding feats, warned of the dangers of using steroids without a doctor’s supervision. 

Schwarzenegger has been open about his past steroid use, but he has also stated that he is not necessarily the best person to talk about the dangers of drugs. Nonetheless, he strongly suggested that bodybuilders abstain from steroid use, stressing the possible harm they might do to the human body.