Sexual Lawsuit Filed Against Backstreet Boy

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is being sued for sexual assault again, this time by a female who claims he raped her in 2003 when they were both on a boat.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Nevada by an unnamed complainant who claims Carter supplied drinks and stole her virginity.

The woman alleges Carter sexually assaulted her many times, including on the tour bus and another boat. According to the lawsuit, the accused victim contracted an STD from one of the attacks.

A spokesperson for Carter, 43, labeled the charges “false” and said that police had “thoroughly examined” her claims in the past. The woman was later threatened with criminal charges for submitting a fraudulent police complaint in a different incident, according to the spokesperson.

The statement said that Nick is eager for the proof to be revealed and for the truth about these devious plots to be exposed. To cover “past and future medical expenditures and for past and future agony and suffering,” the accuser seeks compensation of more than $15,000. The accused victim also sought a jury trial.

Carter countersued his accusers in February, saying they were trying to cash in on the #MeToo movement by bringing up charges from almost two decades earlier. The singer was seeking damages of $2.3 million.

According to reports, on Wednesday, a court found that Carter may proceed with his complaint against Melissa Schuman despite the victim’s legal team arguing that the First Amendment protected Schuman’s statements and could not be deemed defamatory.

Carter’s team, however, was deemed to have presented sufficient evidence by Judge Nancy Allf, and the case continued.

In March, Judge Alff had allowed Carter to proceed with his suit against Shannon “Shay” Ruth.

On December 21st, Carter was charged with the 2001 rape of a 17-year-old named Ruth.

In April, Schuman sued him again, claiming that in 2003, when she was 18, the pop sensation raped her. While shooting the TV movie “The Hollow,” Schuman and Carter first crossed paths. In 2017, she publicly accused Carter of rape for the first time.

Carter has refuted the allegations made by Schuman and Ruth.