Popular Newspaper Praises Terror Attack 

(JustPatriots.com)- Over the weekend the daily Hamas newspaper published an article reveling in the murders of Jews in Israel, according to the Daily Wire. 

On Sunday, Gaza’s Felesteen featured the article “Deliverers of Joy: About the Younger Generation in the West Bank” in which the author described murderous attacks against Israeli Jews, like the one by Hamas terrorist Yahya ‘Ayyash, as “courageous” operations that strike at “the heart of the enemy’s fictitious capital.” 

According to the author, the Hamas terror attacks are “proof” that the Palestinians are “brimming with life” and stand “on the ladder of glory” when they “tear the roof off a bus,” stab a soldier, run a settler over with a car, or fire at “point blank” range “at a hostile vehicle.” 

The author said these “courageous acts” evoke such a “force” of happiness in the hearts of the Palestinian people, causing “adrenalin to spike” and increasing the Palestinian people’s “belief in itself.” 

The author praised the Palestinians who pour into the streets to “express their joy and delight” at such terror attacks while passing out candy and embracing each other as the public address systems at the mosques “broadcast the cries Allahu Akbar.” 

Comparing the terrorists to lions who “pounce” on their prey, the author offered peace to those who wield a knife, axe, pistol, or rifle for the cause of the terrorists. 

According to the Daily Wire, the 1998 Hamas covenant said that Jihad is the only solution “for the Palestinian question.” All other efforts, including international conferences, proposals, or initiatives, are “a waste of time and vain endeavors.” 

On Monday, the Jewish News Syndicate reported that the Islamic Fatwa Council issued a legal ruling against Hamas over its treatment of the Palestinians living in Gaza. 

The Fatwa Council, which is a non-governmental legal body made up of Shi’ite, Sunni, and Sufi clerics, charged Hamas with violating the laws of the Quran and the Prophet Mohammad in its “reign of corruption and terror.”