Pence Drops Out Of Race, Boosting Other Rivals

A report reveals that rivals of Mike Pence said on Sunday that his surprise departure from the Republican nomination for president race was inevitable. The winnowing might aid their bid to defeat the overpowering frontrunner, Donald Trump.

Fundraising issues may have prompted the former vice president’s drop out from the race. He left the race after realizing he had little chance of winning and committed to assisting in electing “principled’ Republican leaders.

Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is expected to benefit most from Pence’s departure. In a Saturday address, she called Pence a good man of faith who has fought for America and who has battled for Israel.

In a post on X, Governor DeSantis called Pence a strong man of religion who has diligently promoted conservatism.

A report shows that during a rally, the former President urged his ex-vice President to back him.

Referring to potential Republican presidential contenders dropping out of the 2024 campaign, Trump remarked at a Las Vegas rally that candidates are quitting, and they’re all backing him. He didn’t know what Pence would do, but he should support Trump, too. Because he had a terrific, successful administration, and Pence was his vice president.

During a town hall meeting in August at American Legion Post 27 in Londonderry, New Hampshire, supporters of former President Trump heckled and criticized the former Vice President.

Protesters verbally attacked Pence, accusing him of being disloyal to Trump, the American people, and The Constitution.

According to a report, Trump supporters encircled Mike Pence’s vehicle as he appeared at his Friday town hall, chanting that he was a traitor and a sellout.

Protesters yelled at Pence, asking why he ‘sold out’ the people and
didn’t he uphold the Constitution?

The 2020 Presidential election and the former Vice President’s involvement in certifying its results are at the heart of the allegations. Mike Pence implicitly confirms he had the right to reject fraudulent ballots on January 6, according to a FOX News article.