Nick Cannon Says God Told Him Something About His Children

Nick Cannon, a renowned actor aged 42, recently revealed that he received divine guidance concerning his role as a father. 

With twelve children from six different women, Cannon shared his belief that God communicated to him about being a “father of many” and the impact his lineage would have on the world. 

During an interview on Dr. Laura Berman’s podcast, Cannon mentioned these spiritual encounters, explaining that the messages were somewhat fragmented or received in pieces. 

According to Fox News, he expressed his understanding that his offspring would achieve remarkable feats and leave a significant legacy. 

Cannon’s response to this revelation was optimistic, embracing the idea that expanding his family would only bring more joy and opportunities for growth. 

He acknowledged the uncertainty of naming and shaping the future but expressed enthusiasm for the journey ahead.

“I had a vision that my name would become as illustrious as the Rockefeller name,” he revealed. “I’m cautious about how I discuss this because I prefer not to use the term ‘legacy’ anymore. ‘Lineage’ feels more fitting for me.”

The rapper continued, “Legacy is not about what you produce but about what you contribute. I hope my children will create their legacies, leaving their mark on the world. 

Having children alone isn’t impressive in terms of legacy. I aspire for my legacy to be someone who made a difference for others, built hospitals and educational institutions, and left behind literature and meaningful content that would make people say, ‘Wow, he was a visionary and a philanthropist. 

He genuinely cared about people.’ That’s what a legacy means to me. Now, when it comes to my lineage, that refers to my offspring.”

Cannon mentioned that he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of marriage. 

After eight years of marriage, he divorced pop star Mariah Carey in 2016 and acknowledged his failures in relationships and monogamy. 

Still, he expressed faith in God’s ongoing work, stating, “I may have stumbled many times, but I believe God has more in store for me. We will find our way.”

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey welcomed twins into the world in 2011. Since then, he has fathered three children with model Brittany Bell. 

Additionally, he has twins with DJ Abby De La Rosa and a daughter who is currently seven months old. 

Cannon also fathered a son named Zen with singer Alyssa Scott, who tragically died from brain cancer in December 2021 at five months. Scott and Cannon share a six-month-old daughter. Furthermore, the TV host has one child with LaNisha Cole and another with Bre Tiesi.