Newt Gingrich: Save The Children In Baltimore 

( According to a study by Project Baltimore, in 2022, not a single kid across 23 Baltimore City Schools scored above basic grade-appropriate skill level in mathematics. 

Over 2,000 kids attempted the math tests given by the state. 

Project Baltimore found that in another 20 schools throughout the district, there were no more than two pupils considered arithmetic competent. No kids at another three schools in the district, which serve jailed and disabled students, passed grade-level standards. 

According to the Maryland State Department of Education, around 7 percent of third through eighth students in Baltimore City Schools fulfilled Arithmetic grade level objectives in 2022. 

The study on Baltimore’s public schools comes when the United States sees a historic decline in educational attainment; reading scores have decreased since 2020 to levels last seen in 1990, and math scores have declined for the first time. Since 2019, math scores have dropped in every state. 

To address the district’s pupils’ low competency levels, the district has instituted both teacher training and summer school. 

When Newt Gingrich, however, learned that none of the more than 2,000 pupils enrolled in 23 Baltimore City Schools had shown math proficiency, he knew a paradigm change was necessary. 

Gingrich recommends that our focus shift from the theoretical concept of “school reform” to the more immediate and concrete goal of “saving the children.” 

Despite paying $21,600 per student (fifth on the list of the highest dollar-to-student spent in the country), test scores are shockingly dismal. 

A significant problem, according to Gingrich, is that the teacher’s union has far too much political clout. 

Gingrich says the teachers’ union now controls the school board. This city administration is terrified of the teachers union. The teachers’ union in Maryland has the legislators running scared. 

He concludes that the United States Congress and the federal government must first realize that it is immoral to sacrifice children’s lives to prop up an ineffective bureaucracy like a teacher’s union if they are to take any action to rescue them. 

“If we don’t do this, the kids won’t make it,” Gingrich says.