New Speaker Makes Heartfelt Statement After Maine Shooting

New House Speaker Mike Johnson called this a “sad day” in America and expressed his hope that the shooter responsible for the deaths of 18 and injuries to 13 on Wednesday in Maine would be caught soon.

Mr. Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, told reporters on Thursday that information regarding a person of interest in the Lewiston killings is being sent to Congress by law enforcement.

We are thinking about the victims and their loved ones at this time, as you may imagine. And the police force is greatly appreciated by us. Mr. Johnson expressed the hope that no further harm or loss of life would occur if the suspect could be apprehended as soon as feasible.

Johnson said this is a “dark time” for the United States, facing several challenges. He said that the evil in this senseless slaughter will end is something for which we pray earnestly.

Law enforcement is looking for Robert Card, born on April 4, 1983, as a possible suspect in tonight’s shooting at Schemengees Bar and Sparetime Recreation, according to a Facebook post from the Lewiston Police Department.

Mr. Card “should be regarded armed and dangerous,” according to the alert. A manhunt has been launched as he continues to evade capture.

State Department of Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck called Mr. Card a “person of interest” but declined to use the word “suspect.” When pressed about Mr. Card’s past, he likewise declined to elaborate.

Mr. Card recently disclosed mental health difficulties, including hearing voices and threatening to commit a mass shooting at Saco (The National Guard unit), according to Sauschuck.

Card has a history of mental health issues. He spent time in a mental health facility for 14 days in the summer of 2023.”

Two images of a middle-aged White man with a beard and an assault rifle slung over his shoulder were posted to the Facebook page of the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office.

Lewiston city councilman Robert McCarthy told CNN that police had the license plate and had determined that the suspect’s vehicle was a white or silver Subaru.