Murder Suspect Had Suspicious Google Searches Before Husband’s Death

Kouri Darden Richins, 33, a mother of three from Utah, is accused of buying $900 worth of fentanyl and adding it to her husband’s drink. She has been charged with aggravated murder and possessing a controlled drug intending to distribute. 

As part of the evidence against her, she reportedly looked up on the internet things like:

– “Can cops force you to take a lie detector test?” 

– “Luxury prisons for the wealthy in America.” 

– “Life insurance will still pay if death certificate is pending?” 

– “How to permanently delete information from an iPhone remotely.” 

– “What is poisoning recorded as on the death certificate?”

Richins should be freed from custody before her trial, according to Richins’ defense counsel, who contend that there is insufficient evidence to prove the allegations.

Kouri’s husband, Eric, was determined by an autopsy to be a fatal fentanyl overdose. 

When Kouri’s phone and computers were placed under a search warrant, police started investigating Eric’s killing. They swiftly discovered correspondences between her and an “unnamed acquaintance,” from whom Kouri is said to have purchased the poison to kill her spouse. Kouri reportedly solicited the friend between December 2021 and February 2022 for “prescription pain medication for an investor” and placed the drugs at the home the defendant was renovating in Midway, Utah. 

In January 2022, Kourtriedrt changed the beneficiary of a life insurance policy that Eric and his business partner jointly owned to make herself the only one.

After informing the two men about Kouri’s attempted alteration, the insurance company could cancel it. To guarantee that the money he left behind went to his children, Eric then deleted Kouri from his will and changed the beneficiary to his sister. 

Eric had long suspected his wife of wanting to murder him.

Eric fell quite unwell on Valentine’s Day in 2022 and passed out after utilizing his son’s EpiPen and Benadryl. Eric passed away just over a week later.

Kouri audaciously wrote a children’s book titled “Are You With Me?” a little over a year after Eric passed away to aid kids in dealing with the loss of a loved one.