Mother Of Slain ISIS Hostage Calls Out Obama’s Failure To Act

A mother has spoken out about her chats with the terrorist responsible for the heinous death of her son, Jim Foley, who was an ISIS prisoner who was slain.

According to Diane Foley, who had accused Obama’s government of failing to stop the beheading, had requested prisoner Alexanda Kotey to tell her where her son was buried.

Kotey, who goes by both “Jihadi George” and “Beatles” because of his English accent, was one of four members of an Islamic State cell that British-born militants formed.

Several captives were beheaded by the terrorists in 2014 and 2015, and the men recorded and shared the recordings of the beheadings online.

All Foley wanted to do was construct a bridge, she said. Unless you try to listen to each other, the suffering and animosity will persist.

The Colorado-based USP Florence ADMAX now has custody of Kotey.

Florence, Colorado, is home to ADX Florence, a federal administrative-security prison.  Male high-risk prisoners are housed here.

According to Kotey, he has no idea what happened to her son’s body. But he did say that he felt terrible about the murder and that an HBO documentary on Jim’s life had touched him deeply, particularly seeing his father sobbing.

He expressed his regret for the hurt he had caused the family and discussed his mixed feelings regarding Jim’s brother’s job as a pilot for the US military.

The convicted jihadist claims he now has greater clarity after struggling to unwind US government “sins” from the jihadists’ misguided and unjustified responses towards these grievances.  Additionally, Kotey expressed regret for carrying out certain orders and broke down in tears while remembering the expression on Jim’s face after a specific beating.

He extended his hand to shake Foley’s. She wished him peace and assured him that she would pray for him.

Reports show that after Foley’s death, Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh were seized by a Kurdish-led, U.S.-backed militia almost four years later.

“Jihadi John” Mohammed Emwazi, the jihadist who murdered Foley, was killed by an American drone attack.

They were transported to the U.S. for trial in 2020, where the DOJ waived the death sentence.